Small Animal Department

Our Veterinarian Practice...

... is equipped with modern devices for a targeted and quick clinical diagnosis. The seven veterinarians, working at our clinic all have their special field in which they gained a high level of specialization. Therefore we, as a veterinarian clinic for small animals, are capable of dealing with diseases, no matter if it has be fallen a gerbil or an irish wolfhound. We do also provide physiotherapy for animals, carried out by our inhouse cooperation partners.

In few special cases we will refer our clients to other competent colleague for further, specific diagnosis and therapy, while of course continuing to advise you on the next steps for the best possible course of action in curing your pet.

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HD / ED / Digital X-Ray

Ever since 1986, the Tierärztliches Gesundheitszentrum Wiesbaden-Bierstadt, has officially been listed as a HD-X-ray department by the HV.
With the advent of the ED-X-rays, we expanded our permission.

From our vast experience in digital X-rays, we have learned that it is absolutely necessary to put the animals under anesthesia, to be able to get X-rays done in the highest quality possible.

The clinic is equipped with a high performence X-ray device, as well as an adequate fully automized X-ray image developer.

Dr. Litsch has been acknowledged as a HD-X-ray veterinarian by the Verband Deutscher Schäferhunde in 1984.

Since the year of 2001 we are also equipped with a digital X-ray device, which allows for particularly finer images with a high transparency.

These X-rays are superior than  regular X-ray images regarding significance, hence you will not necessarily have to go through the trouble of taking your pet for a CT-scan (computer tomography scan).

Today we are also able to digitize our regular X-ray images, allowing us to work with these images on PC's so that we can send said X-rays by e-Mail to other colleagues, making it easier and faster cooperating with others in cases of medical referral throughout distances.


We can determine many important values of blood samples within minutes in our home laboratory.
Hereby can be guarenteed, that we can start the specific therapy, which is also available weekends and holidays.
Furthermore we transmit blood samples to specialized external laboratories for extensive examinations.
We are able to perform parasitic, fungal and bacterial examinations of feces and skin samples.


Plating and screw fixation of fractures, as well as the attachment of jaw shifts are among our routine surgery.

Laser Therapy

From the wide field of application of physical therapies, we favor the laser therapy; especially for diseases of the spine, joints and,  as the main field of the soft laser, the treatment of wounds. The magnetic field is additionally used in cases of intervertebral disc diseases. Here, the soft laser is sometimes causing an almost unbelievable healing stimulation.

Sonography / Ultrasound

We use sonography for internal issues, pregnancy diagnosises and to address tumors. We are equipped with a modern color doppler sonography device, which allows the examination of cardiac diseases as well.

Internal Medicine

Internally cases require intensive clinical diagnostics. We are always in a constant contact with qualified colleagues and special institutions for all kinds of problematic cases. For that reason high rates of success, either at emergencies or serious illnesses are possible, by means of infusion therapies and stimulation tests. If CT scanning or magnetic resonance imaging may become necessary, we refer to  special clinics.

Orthopedic Surgery

Ther regular orthopedical surgery is being performed by us routinely. We refer total endoprosthesis, as well as neurological operations  to specialists. These kinds of operations need to be carried out by the few specialists, with whom we are in close contact. Before taking the step of refering, we check in the interst of our patients all noninvasive possibilites. From our point of view, surgery should be the last step considering only when there is no alternative left.

Surgical Procedure

Beside the orthopedic- and fracture surgery, our clinic offers surgical procedures for castrations, tumors, stomach twists, uterine infections and cosmetic treatments.

Acupuncture / Laser Acupuncture / Neural Therapy

At first we were sceptical of the new therapy introduced by the company Horvi, using snake-, frog- and spiderpoison as means of treating tumors. However, the experiences we have made with this method convinced us in many ways. Therefore we are treating cases which are not surgical treatable with enzym complexes.

Tumor Therapy With Enzym Complexes

At first we were sceptical of the new therapy introduced by the company Horvi, using snake-, frog- and spiderpoison as means of treating tumors. However, the experiences we have made with this method convinced us in many ways. Therefore we are treating cases which are not surgical treatable with enzym complexes.

Bioresonance for small and large animals

Bioresonance – What is it? And does it really work?

The Bioresonance Therapy or BICOM-Therapy, is a form of therapy that works especially well against allergies and chronical pain. Other chronical illnesses supposed to be influenced positively.

The origin of the therapy lies within the fact that every molecule got its own wavel radiation.

This wavel radiation weighs 106 times heavier than the molecules own weight.

Through external influences (radiations from other molecules for example) and illnesses, those waves get influenced and modulated.

With the help of Bioresonance Therapy, informations provided from bodily samples (such as blood, saliva, feces, electrodes plugged directly onto the problem area) will be used to filter positive waves and return them back to the body.

The negative ones will be inversely reproduced, which means that the original negative waves and the reproduced new waves level each other to a 0-curve.

With this method the cells are able to reinitiate their regular tasks.

This machine can also be used for scar suppression, since within scars there are often changes in the wave radiation on a cellular level.

This change in wave radiation can also be expressed and found within scars by acupuncture, where there is an interuption in energy flow.

Scars happen to be the reason for chronical pains or changes in the way an animal / human walks.

The phenomenon of healing within a matter of seconds has already been discovered in the year 1939 by the surgeon Leriche and has been used since then by many doctors, especially doctors with a neuraltherapeutically education.

These phenomenon occur due to some specific regulations, which happen to be in common with the theory of the traditional chinese medicine (TCM).

According to this theory, there are a multiple number of energy chanals within the human body, the so called "bodily meridians", through which the life energy known as "Qi" flows, comparable to electrical energy running through an electric cable.

In case the energy can flow without being disturbed, the organism is healthy and well.

If there are any disturbances or blockades hindereing the flow of energy within the meridicans, there will be an issue with the distribution of information within the body and resulting in getting ill.

There will be disturbances within singular organs or bodily functions.

So far, we have had only very positive experiences with this method.

Especially when it comes to acute painful processes, complaints can be reducted pretty quick.

We do also use the Bioresonance Therapy for a better narcosis and woundhealing after surgery.

Vaccinations can also be done to improve of the pets resistance to other illnesses (costs: 40€ for a use of two times, not including the shots itself).

Not to forget the individual tick resistance.

This resistance can be gained by preparing a special chip, using information of your pet and information of the ticks in your environement, so that you will not need a spot-on anymore (costs: 45€).

But the main reason for using this therapy lies within the stabilisation of chronically ill patients.

Inside these patients is a accumulation of tiniest problems in which the next puzzle piece may start a chain reaction – the body gets ill.

Through intensive and detailed anamnesis (costs: 65€) at the first session, the main problems / causes of the problems will be discovered and in the following sessions (cost/session 52,50€) from the bottom improved and in some cases completely removed / solved.

Depending on the problem and course of action, between 5 to 8 sessions, in weekly periods, will be necessary.

Remember though, your pet will be given no pharmaceutical medications at all and we get the chance to offer your pet a chronical disease free life.