Equine-Veterinary Specialist

Our Horses Department

We have a mediumsized horses department with an surgical theatre, recovery boxes, two examination rooms and we can accomodate up to 11 hoses in boxes. Personnel and instrumentally we adapt constantly to the necessities of a needs-based, patient-centered medicine.

A total of four veterinarians, two of them major veterinarians and one groom supvervise accomodated horses here. In our horse clinic, common orthopedic, internal medicinece and oncology tests and procedures are being performed.

Accomodation also serves the stationary investigation of complicated problems that could not be resolved at the investigation in ambulant equine practice. Next to the team mentioned above, specialists, recognized throughout europe, are available by arrangement for special surgical problems.

Outpatient examinations carried out both in the clinic as well as by the practical own "Klinomobil" home spot.

Using latest X-ray and ultrasonic devices by appointment many studies in the stable of the client are possible. For some special issues visit our horse department will be necessary as of before.

We will advise you on an individual basis.

Take a look around our clinic. You will see that we can offer an optimum range for the care of your horse with the combination of a high level of knowledge, experience and personality, as well as the appropriate use of diagnostic technology.

We look forward to meeting you and your horse.

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Digital X-Ray

DR-System in the horse clinic

Since the end of 2011, we have the newest X-ray imaging technology in equine diagnostics with the cable supported Direct Radiograph technology (DR-Technology) available for use.

These, applicable both in the horse ambulance (Klinomobil) and in the constantly available, high-performance stationary X-ray unit, are significant advantages in diagnostic radiology of the horse.

These include:

  • short developement (1.5 s/image), particularily advantageous in complex examinations (sales examinations) or restless horses.
  • maximum resolution – means highest possible quality
  • high medical standard – DICOM – equals the human medical standard
  • provision of the images on CD or on distribution by electronic device
  • shortened exposure times, therefore sharper pictures and less radiation exposure
  • ambulant x-ray of body parts which were until then accessible only by means of stationary x-ray devices (such as spinous processes to lumbar spine, cervical vertebra, knee on different angles, lungs etc.)

This technology, in our eyes, is the biggest advance in the field of diagnostic radiology of the horse over the last 10 to 20 years. We are delighted being able to offer you and our patients this kind of technology.


In the field of orthopaedics we consider it of great importance to a most accurate diagnosis possible, which is often time-consuming and could also mean a temporary hospitalization of the patient.

Based on the findings we then advice the owner on the next steps.

In some cases, where it is in the interest of the patient to make further diagnosis, we will refer the owner to an appropriate technical or medicinical institution.

Limb surgeries are regularly performed by us and we will advice the owner on the indications and the prospects of healing.
Accompanying sport medical care for maintaining health of the horse, holds the future of the equine care, which is why we also use alternative methods of healing.

No matter if it's a high performance sports horse or a pleasure horse, our high standards in healing and health maintenance are being kept nevertheless.

We have expanded our diagnostic unit with a modern stationary and mobile deployable X-ray and projection equipment, which allows us an immediate diagnosis of X-ray images created locally.

Internal Medicine

Here we treat the broad spectrum of internal diseases, especially respiratory and metabolic disorders.
Following the same principle, we are making every effort to comprehensively advise and enlighten the costumer on the basis of diagnosis and differential diagnosis. In addition, the clinic has got its own laboratory, where blood (including blood gas analysis), fecal, bacterialogical and histological samples can be tested in a timely manner.

Purchase Examination

We are constantly updating our knowledge in this field with intense training to reflect its importance for buying a horse. The possibilites of comprehensive diagnostic assessment and decades of experience in the care of high performance sport horses are here to our clients benefit. We are happy to dicuss with you further details personally!

Sports Medicine

The sports medicine for horses is a broad field, which includes the total field of horse medicine, including performance physiology, orthopaedics, internal medicine, gynaecology and laboratory diagnostics. Through the experience, which we gained throughout the years thanks to targeted training, private engagement and our own scientific work, as well as our work at tournaments and racetracks, we can provide our patients as well as their owners with competent and specialized horse medicince knowledge.

Our philosophy "animal-friendly sports medicine" therefore reflects in all the things we do.

We set our focus on:

We think that precautionary treatment to prevent diseases is one of the supporting pillars in supporting sport horses. The smaller the chance of the horse getting ill or having an accident, the greater the benefit. Precaution is in our opinion the future of veterinary care. Experience has proven that no matter the amount of effort, a once damaged organ will never return to its original state of health.

This means that our doing often has to be reduced to -  an extensive and surely good - repair work.

Of course, as a result from such repair works, in many cases the horses will be able to work again but there will always be a remainder of the previous damage, which will shorten the maximum utility. 

Customer services means to advise the owners about chances and risks of our doing taking into account the interests of the horse and the owner. Gladly we will answer any further questions. The more informed the horse owner is, the more likely they will cooperate, which in turn contributes to a better understanding of the disease, its prevention and treatment.

Even if the precaution is on its way, the focus of our work still lies within the treatment. To ensure this, we consider the newst insights,which we deal with critically, and use these for the sake of your horses. With this approach, we believe everyone benefits from it. It starts with the horse as an idividual and furthers with the concern of the owner about the horses wellbeing. In compliance with the animal welfare concerns, we will advise the owner and treat the horses.

Stem Cell Therapy For Horses

The number of soft tissue damage caused by lameness and sport failures is well over 50%. Most of it relates to tendons and ligaments and in many cases the sporting career end of a horse is here.

The type of treatment for this varies and is marked by different success rates. Equine medicince stem material is now available for the treatment of tendons and ligaments damage.

Currently work is underway, this therapy on bone cysts, joint damage and fractures to expand. Stem cells have a pluralpotency, that means, they have the ability to adapt to diverse use. They may crave a fully-fledged tendon and ligament tissue convert.

The attracting of the stem cells is effected in different ways. It is possible to take stem cells from the umbilical cord at birth of a foal and store this. In acute cases you can obtain stem cells through a bone marrow, mainly from the breastbone.

This is treated and the stem cells are grown. The amount of the produced stem cells is matched to the previously determined size of the defect. Through this enrichment the concentration of the stem cells is increased compared to the pure bone marrow transer by a factor of 100.000, which is crucial.

The procedure is as follows:

  • By using an ultrasound device the tendons and ligaments defects will be detected and recorded
  • Under sedation and local anesthesia a bit of bone marrow will be taken out of the sternum, or other tissue available
  • This bone marrow will be transported to a laboratory via courier
  • In the laboratory the relevant amount of stem cells will be cultured
  • After retrieving the stem cell suspension from the lab, this suspension will then be injected into the defect using ultrasound guidance possibly under general anesthesia

 Reconvalesence follows an individual program.

It is not of great importance to reduce the duration of healing processes, but rather getting the tissue back into a state, where the horse might be able to strain said tissue again, compared to other methods of treatment.

We will happily provide you with any further information.


In the intensive care of our clientele, we have gained a particular expertise in the field of gynaecology, obstetrics and foal medicine. This is not only because Dr. Eversfield is active as a breeder himself, but rather due to the fact that other larger farms are being supervised by us.

Among the most routine treatments are the following:

  • preliminary mare examination (rectal, vaginal examination)
  • ultrasound diagnostics of ovaries and uterus (Printouts on demand)
  • swab sampling before covering and in cases of diseases
  • uterus sampling (biopsy) and analysis in laboratories
  • preparation of prognosis and treatment recommendation
  • uterus endoscopy and treatments
  • insemination and inseminationmanagement
  • perinerial and vaginal plastic surgery
  • follicle control to determine the state of cycle and the optimal insemination -and covering moment
  • ultrasound pregnancy examination
  • early diagnostics to avoid twin pregnancies
  • twinreduction (manually, ultrasound guided puncture)
  • heat management
  • pregnancy monitoring
  • obstetrics
  • treatment of birth complications and afterbirth conduct
  • early detection of diseases and foal anomalies
  • consulting and implementation of measures in case of deformities of the limbs

To us the all-round support for the mare and the young foal is an extremely important contribution to the breeding of quality horses. Omissions or errors in this time have a great impact on the use and sale ability in future performance horses and thus on the profitability for the breeder. Here, too, our professional approach reflects.

Our focus is on the early detection and even more the prevention of diseases. Instead of carrying out repairs to restore the usability of our horses, at the risk of potentially long-term harmful consequences, we act by advising and treating as early as possible.

Horse Dentist

In the field of dentistry for horses, Dr. Eversfield especially Dr. Werner have both trained intensively.

Thus they arenot only trained for conservation but also for surgery on both, tooth roots and sinuses. The simple act of teeth rasping, as it is carried out in general, is in many cases not enough to correct a faulty dental status and to help the horses with chewing problems.

Often the horse has to be sedated via injection in order to accurately evaluate the chewing surfaces of the oral cavity molars in the far rear. Equally important is the examination of the buccal muscosa and tongue.

The positive effect of a thorough dental examination and treatment, on the feed intake and the rideability of the horse, is sometimes striking. Likewise, to refrain from a treatment might as well result in catastrophic consequences, as shown in the slides.

The elimination of major changes and pegs of the teeth makes the use of special equipment necessary.

Prior to each study, the rinsing is important to keep things in perspective. The lighting of deep areas of the oral cavity by means of fiber optic technology enables reliable diagnostics and treatment of the interdental spaces and the rearmost molars.

Skull Horse
In animal cruelty degenerating indifference of a horse owner who for years did not once let a vet look after their horses teeth, led to this change in the jaw and eventually death of the horse.

Overbite Horse
A deformity, which in this case is no longer resolveable even with the skillset of an Orthodontist.

Tooth Fracture Horse
A self-proclaimed amateur dental practitioner had used a speculum without appropriate sedation on a horse. The result was the outbreak of two corner incisors and the here visible overgrowth during healing.

The function of the teeth and the oral cavity is not only in the crushing and insalivation of the feed, so that the stomach and intestines can fully utilize the nutrients, but also in the defense of infections and the screening of foreign substances. 

The digestion begins in the oral cavity caused by substances contained in the saliva. On one hand so that incentive things that taste good  are more likely to be eaten, and on the other hand functions as a protective method through recording bitter-tasting toxins and irritants.

The sense of touch in the lips is keeping the animals from seizures from sharp and cutting foreign bodies.

Which is why it is so important that there are no inflammations present in the mouth and on the teeth.

This fact was reason enough for us to constantly further develop in the field of equine dentistry.

Acupuncture / Laser Acupuncture / Neural Therapy

At first we were sceptical of the new therapy introduced by the company Horvi, using snake-, frog- and spiderpoison as means of treating tumors. However, the experiences we have made with this method convinced us in many ways. Therefore we are treating cases which are not surgical treatable with enzym complexes.

Tumor Therapy With Enzym Complexes

At first we were sceptical of the new therapy introduced by the company Horvi, using snake-, frog- and spiderpoison as means of treating tumors. However, the experiences we have made with this method convinced us in many ways. Therefore we are treating cases which are not surgical treatable with enzym complexes.

Bioresonance for small and large animals

Bioresonance – What is it? And does it really work?

The Bioresonance Therapy or BICOM-Therapy, is a form of therapy that works especially well against allergies and chronical pain. Other chronical illnesses supposed to be influenced positively.

The origin of the therapy lies within the fact that every molecule got its own wavel radiation.

This wavel radiation weighs 106 times heavier than the molecules own weight.

Through external influences (radiations from other molecules for example) and illnesses, those waves get influenced and modulated.

With the help of Bioresonance Therapy, informations provided from bodily samples (such as blood, saliva, feces, electrodes plugged directly onto the problem area) will be used to filter positive waves and return them back to the body.

The negative ones will be inversely reproduced, which means that the original negative waves and the reproduced new waves level each other to a 0-curve.

With this method the cells are able to reinitiate their regular tasks.

This machine can also be used for scar suppression, since within scars there are often changes in the wave radiation on a cellular level.

This change in wave radiation can also be expressed and found within scars by acupuncture, where there is an interuption in energy flow.

Scars happen to be the reason for chronical pains or changes in the way an animal / human walks.

The phenomenon of healing within a matter of seconds has already been discovered in the year 1939 by the surgeon Leriche and has been used since then by many doctors, especially doctors with a neuraltherapeutically education.

These phenomenon occur due to some specific regulations, which happen to be in common with the theory of the traditional chinese medicine (TCM).

According to this theory, there are a multiple number of energy chanals within the human body, the so called "bodily meridians", through which the life energy known as "Qi" flows, comparable to electrical energy running through an electric cable.

In case the energy can flow without being disturbed, the organism is healthy and well.

If there are any disturbances or blockades hindereing the flow of energy within the meridicans, there will be an issue with the distribution of information within the body and resulting in getting ill.

There will be disturbances within singular organs or bodily functions.

So far, we have had only very positive experiences with this method.

Especially when it comes to acute painful processes, complaints can be reducted pretty quick.

We do also use the Bioresonance Therapy for a better narcosis and woundhealing after surgery.

Vaccinations can also be done to improve of the pets resistance to other illnesses (costs: 40€ for a use of two times, not including the shots itself).

Not to forget the individual tick resistance.

This resistance can be gained by preparing a special chip, using information of your pet and information of the ticks in your environement, so that you will not need a spot-on anymore (costs: 45€).

But the main reason for using this therapy lies within the stabilisation of chronically ill patients.

Inside these patients is a accumulation of tiniest problems in which the next puzzle piece may start a chain reaction – the body gets ill.

Through intensive and detailed anamnesis (costs: 65€) at the first session, the main problems / causes of the problems will be discovered and in the following sessions (cost/session 52,50€) from the bottom improved and in some cases completely removed / solved.

Depending on the problem and course of action, between 5 to 8 sessions, in weekly periods, will be necessary.

Remember though, your pet will be given no pharmaceutical medications at all and we get the chance to offer your pet a chronical disease free life.